Southern California Supply Chain blog

Thanks for visiting the Southern California Supply Chain Blog where.  I am Richard Montellano, the Global Supply Chain President for Above the Standard. We are global procurement solutions provider that helps organizations get the most out of their own expenditures.  There are many links that go into supporting an effective supply chain from supplier sourcing, risk management, qualification, logistics, warehousing management, packaging, procurement and supplier management.   All these links can be overwhelming to a lot of organizations.

In my experience, I have found many of these organizations find a way to get by, but do not have the ability to take advantage of all the advantages there are throughout the supply chain.  This “getting by” mindset unfortunately ties up cash flow by leaving money on the table due to inefficiencies or outdated processes.  I can help organizations of all sizes get that cash flow back.

My approach to supply chain starts with a collaborative framework in which all parties can benefit.  This approach helps organizations benefit by getting a turn-key supply chain solution delivered right to them. This blog is intended to express creative ideas, opportunities and some challenges I come across.   If you have an idea or project you would like to discuss feel free to contact me.


Richard Montellano

Global Supply Chain President

Above the Standard Procurement Group



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